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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is there a NFC power shift coming?

Over the last 4 or 5 weeks of the NFL season I was beginning to notice something very interesting. As the Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants battle it out for a division title and limping into the finish line. The NFC West won games. The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks begin to beat the likes of the Eagles and Cowboys. The Seahawks also put it on the Giants in NYC this year as well. And when you examine the supposely talented Cowboys situation it looks horrible. The Cowboys have the quarterback but, lack serious personnel on defense. Rob Ryan is highly overrated in fact his defense is among the worst of the league the last several years with the Browns and Cowboys. The Eagles may improve as they finished the season but, they have chemistry issues. And the Giants won the division but, still didn't dominate anyone.

Then we take a look at the NFC West. The Seattle Seahawks had big wins over the Eagles and Giants. Both were blow out wins. The Seahawks started to play 49ers like football with strong defense and a serious running game with Marshawn Lynch. The Arizona Cardinals beat the NFC West Champion 13-3 Niners and the Cowboys. They too started to buy into their defense and found fair quarterback play with John Skelton.

The NFC West had a division champion that won 13 games and beat the Steelers, Eagles, and Lions along the way. They also beat the Cardinals once and Seahawks twice. Both look to be seriously improving teams. So with that comes the question is the NFC West becoming better than the NFC East. And the West certainly does NOT look like the worst division in football anymore.

It is safe to say the Rams will rebound with a stronger coaching staff and a healthy Sam Bradford. The Cardinals will hopefully not waste 2 months figuring Kevin Kolb out and just go with John Skelton or grab a guy in the draft.

The Seahawks are a legit quarterback away from giving the 49ers hell next year as well as anybody else they face. In fact the Cardinals and Seahawks are close to having all three phrases of a team. Their special teams are strong as well as defense. Cardinals have Fitzgerald and Beanie Wells on offense. The Seahawks have Lynch, Zach Miller, and a tandem of Rice and Baldwin at wide receiver.

I believe that if the Seahawks and Cards address their quarterback issues that those two teams and the 9ers may battle it out in NFC South or AFC North fashion over the next 5 years. It's already coming... Just watch. It's not the NFC Worst anymore...

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